Customer Verification 

Customer Verification Program (CVP) 

Due to identity theft McGill Tackle requires a Customer Verification Program (CVP) for customers in and outside of Unites States. Each country or region has specific( CVP) requirements for the collection of customer data. Some examples of the information we collect and verify can include your name, physical address, date of birth, National ID number (card) and credit card. To verify your identity, we use a National Database to obtain a positive match of your legal name, address and credit card

To process your order, your payment information for your purchase, must be verify your   information and address you provided. Please send us a copy of a government-issued photo ID with birth date that matches the name on your credit card. You can take a photo of the ID and credit card showing your full name last and four numbers from your cards with your cell phone and securely upload it to Trust Swiftly 

 You will not be able to purchase products without completing the (CVP) Process. Additionally, you may be eligible to purchase products once we are able to verify, your information:

Note: Sometimes finding your information using the National Database does not work because the

Information is unavailable or your name and or address have changed.

If we cannot verify your personal information, we will ask you to send us documentation through our

Resolution Department that confirms your identity.


Here is a list of document options you sent to help confirm your identity.

Proof of Identity:

·         Driver’s license

·         Passport or Passport Card    

·         State or Government issued ID

Proof of Credit Card:  

·         Credit Card with last four and your legal name on it